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About us

  Shuangsheng Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd, has always adhered to the core concept of "quality is the lifeblood of Shuangsheng, we serve consumers with heart", actively advocates life and health, leads the development of the industry through innovation, and improves the health level of millions of families.

  The company has 5 subsidiaries, 4 major R&D centers, and 2 major production bases in Lhasa, Changzhou, Danyang, Guangzhou, and other places, forming a complete R&D, production, marketing, and service network serving more than 100,000 domestic enterprises, medical institutions, and more than 90% of the three largest hospitals, covering more than 110 overseas countries and regions.

  In terms of public welfare, due to its outstanding contribution to the fight against the epidemic, Sunshine Medical received several letters of thanks from the Chinese government, the Lhasa government, and overseas institutions.It was awarded the "Advanced Anti-epidemic Collective" by the Zhenjiang Government of Jiangsu Province.

  Innovation is the driving force of development. Focusing on life and health for more than ten years, Shuangsheng Medical will continue to lead the industrial transformation. Full of hope and passion, it is determined to build a professional medical equipment research and development, manufacturing, and service enterprise in China and actively implement the "Healthy China 2030" national strategy. We will work together to make more efforts for human health!


 Address:Dandong Industrial Zone, Danyang city, Jiangsu province, China ( 212353 )

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